Email Blast your way to new Customers!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an email blast! No, that’s not an explosion. It’s hundreds of customers getting your message instantly. By sending your email to an email list, you can send it to all of your customers’ inboxes in just one click. Don’t waste your efforts – have more efficient and effective mailings by using all the tools in your email marketing arsenal.

Why not use an email blast to announce your latest news or a special deal? It’s one of the fastest ways to reach hundreds of customers at once. Create your email, select the email list of your choice, and send! This is a great way to send any message that needs to go out quickly and to a large group of people. There’s no wait time for mail collection and delivery, just the speed of the internet serving as your mailman.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to an email blast is that, so long as you are using an email marketing system, you can track the impact of your email. You can see how many people opened your email, how many emails bounced, how many people clicked on links, how many people shared the email with friends and so much more. Using these tools, you can identify the specific interests of your customers and the effectiveness of each blast. This kind of information can help you better tailor future blasts to help grow your business.

You can catch the attention of customers and potential customers and reduce your costs at the same time. That’s right! One quick and easy way to improve your return on investment is to utilize an email blast. Save direct mailings for more focused, long-term campaigns, and use email marketing for larger and more immediate campaigns. Without the cost of the paper, envelopes, postage and the time spent printing and stuffing, using email is undeniably a more cost-effective option.

No trees were harmed in the sending of this email! On top of everything else, email blasts also help your company in the effort to go green. There’s no output of paper products like letters, envelopes, or fliers when everything is electronic! For some mailings it’s worth the output, but when an email will work as well as or better than direct mail, it’s a greener option. Additionally, when direct mail is returned it means that paper was wasted. If an email bounces it just means that customer didn’t see the email.

Why wouldn’t you use this email marketing tool? With speed, real data on customer viewing and response, a lower cost, and the benefit of being green, it’s a clear choice. Don’t waste time and money – send your next mass communication with an email blast!

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