Bulk Email can Save you Time and Money

Bulk email is similar to bulk mail except that you do not have to pay for postage when you email marketing materials to your current and future customers. Generally speaking, your customer email database gives your all the names and email addresses of people who match your target market and you can send out newsletters, coupons, promotions and more through email. This saves money and time because email is immediate. There is no wait time for delivery or money spent on postage and paper.

Email marketing has become the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to deliver your message to customers. Whether you want to deliver an email campaign or just a quick virtual postcard to welcome the season, bulk email can help you stay in touch with customers and keep you at the forefront of their minds. The frequency of which you send out emails can help put you ahead of the competition just based on brand retention. Your competition would have the same results if they were to deliver an email campaign to their customers, but why give them the advantage? How do you know if your campaign is working?

Mail Trax Plus is your solution to track and monitor the success of your bulk email campaign. You can create and send great looking emails with re-usable templates to give a uniform look. You can integrate your email campaign with Twitter and Facebook and track mentions and likes. Your customers will have the option to unsubscribe and manage their subscriptions and more.

You will receive a detailed report with easy to understand graphics and findings. Our analysis of your email campaign is extensive and concise and we strive to make our reports simple but filled with the pertinent information you need to help you decide which path your campaign will take. Maybe your bulk email customers prefer coupons over general promotional emails or they like newsletters instead of virtual postcards with the newest events and news. You need to have the information and knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about your campaign. Our tracking fills you in on this kind of information and helps you to make your campaign a success.

Sometimes you have to take a risk to be successful. Calculated risks are a way to step outside your company’s comfort zone without risking too much at once. Our reports and analytics help you to measure the risk you take with bulk email and determine what works and what does not work for your campaign and target audience. We help make your calculated risks measurable and that helps to put your mind at ease.

Contact us today to get started with Mail Trax Plus. Our pricing structure is simple and our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Let us show you how your bulk email campaign can work to build your brand and your future success.

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