Turn to Email Solutions to Solve Today's Problems

Don’t get stuck in the dark ages! Reap the full impact of email solutions! Get software and training to demystify and simplify email marketing and see just how easy it can be! Stop dealing with email problems and start dealing with email solutions!

Step one is investing in email marketing software. This isn’t just a tool, it’s an entire toolbox. Software can provide you with help creating professional emails, storing email lists, sending emails, and tracking the impact of your email campaigns. Get some training too – a couple classes to help demystify email marketing and familiarizing yourself with your software will go a long way on your journey into email solutions.

Now you have the tools – it’s time to use them! Use your software to design your emails. Keep your branding consistent, and don’t waste your customers’ time. When writing your emails, be sure to keep them clear, concise, and relevant. That goes for images and text, as well as the overall setup. An attractive and clear email is more likely to get the attention you want. The right email software can help with all of these things.

Once you have your email designed, it’s time to send it. Operating with only your email client you may have to copy each individual email address into the recipient field. You may also have a limit on how many people can receive an email. That means resending the same email over and over until you’ve sent it to all the customers you wanted to include. Or you can open up that handy, dandy toolbox filled with email solutions tools and use your software to help send your email. Email marketing software will store your mailing lists, so all you have to do it select your list and send your email once.

Now the email is out, but how do you know if your customers are looking at it? Take another look at your toolbox. You can view reports that break down the impact of your email. See how many emails bounced and how many were delivered. You can also see statistics on how many emails were opened and by who, as well as if your customers shared your email. Reports also show which customers clicked on links, and what those links were. This data has a wealth of potential! You can now target future mailings to customers’ with specific interests! You can also compare reports from different mailing to help you identify which tactics are effective and which aren’t.

Congratulations! Now you have everything you need to create successful email campaigns! Get out there, use your new tools, and watch your business grow as you join the world of email solutions!

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