Who Says Business Emails are Boring?

Business emails do not have to be boring. They can be exciting and capture the attention of your audience. MailTrax Plus gives you the ability to create and send great looking emails. You can design with your favorite tools, import with a single click, build re-usable templates and do all this with a simple WYSIWYG editor. This means that you see what you are creating as you work on it. Your email marketing can stand out whether you are sending emails to current, past and future customers, employees, coworkers and more.

Business emails are generally monthly newsletters or reports. You can make your email campaign worth more to your audience if you send out more than one email a month and include fun things such as contests and coupons. Plus, by sending frequent emails you will remain at the top of your audiences list for brand recognition. This is important when you want to stand out among your competition and be the place of choice for your customers.

The big question is, how effective are your business emails? Do you even know how to track your emails to determine their success? Can you make informed decisions about the best path your email campaign should take? MailTrax Plus monitors your email marketing and reports back to you our findings. We analyze many aspects of your campaign including successfully sent emails, opens, clicks and more.

Then, we generate a conclusive report that is easy to read and understand with graphs and charts to help you see the full picture. This report you can share with others in your company and together you can make decisions based on facts and findings instead of feelings. This helps you to take calculated risks to improve the success of your business emails and build the reputation of your company. You can choose to continue targeting a specific audience should the report show success or change your audience, email template, frequency or the information presented should the results not return a favorable outcome.

Our pricing is simple and we base our pricing on how many emails you plan to send each month. Then, the plans are automatically upgraded or downgraded based on how many subscribers you have. We believe that you should not have to pay more than needed and we believe in convenience. We are a set it and forget it type of company and that means you can be confident your money is spent wisely and without excess.

Now it is time you chose MailTrax Plus to help monitor and track your campaign. You will be surprised of the results and will be better able to make decisions based on our concise report and findings. Contact us today to get started tracking your business emails.

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