Do You Need Email Marketing Services?

If you are in need of email marketing services such as the ability to design a re-usable template for uniformity in your email campaign and tracking emails to determine success then you have come to the right place. MailTrax Plus is your solution to creating, sending and monitoring emails. We provide a full suite of self-service marketing solutions for small businesses. That includes tracking and monitoring your email marketing, search engine optimization and more.

We have a slew of marketing resources to help you succeed. This is free information on email, social and small business marketing. These tips and guides will help you create unique, one of a kind email templates that have pizzazz and will capture the attention of your audience. This type of information can take your email campaign from ordinary to extraordinary and help your potential customers remember you. The whole idea behind keeping in touch with customers is brand retention so when they need your product or service, they think first of your company.

We keep our email marketing services affordable. Our plans are priced according to how many emails you plan to send out each month. As an added convenience, plans are automatically upgraded or downgraded based on how many subscribers you have. These are great when you generally send out one or two emails a month and you will never have to pay more than necessary. Our plans start for as little as $25 per month. That is a deal!

What do you get for your money? You get a professional team of individuals who monitor, track and analyze the success of your email campaign. Part of our email marketing services include a conclusive and concise report that summarizes the success of your marketing efforts. We give you a full report with graphs and charts that are easy to understand. This report will help you to decide which path to take your campaign. Do you need to change your target audience demographics? Do you need to add a feature into the campaign to return a better call to action? The report helps you answer all your questions.

Another feature of our email marketing services is the ability to create your emails in a WYSIWYG type setting. This means that you get to see exactly what you create as you are creating it. There is no hidden coding to deal with or complicated software. Plus, you can create the template yourself so you can be sure the finished product is exactly what you want.

Now is the time to see where your marketing dollars are going. Are you getting the best return on your investment? Contact MailTrax Plus today to start receiving our affordable email marketing services.

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