Email Marketing Software | Not as Scary as You Think

When you think of email marketing software, you probably think of some extremely expensive and complex software suite that is impossible for the average consumer to use. However, what if we told you that our marketing software was simple to use, affordable and gives you exactly what you see on the computer screen? MailTrax Plus is your affordable solution to creating fabulous email templates, tracking, monitoring and analyzing your email marketing success.

You can create and send great looking emails with our email marketing software. You can design with your favorite tools, import items with a single click, create auto-responders and drip campaigns and more. You can build re-usable templates to keep uniformity throughout your campaign as well. Our software has a simple WYSIWYG editor for clients so you can see exactly what you are creating as you are creating it. It also allows for personalization and archiving of previous campaigns.

Our pricing is affordable and you only pay for what you need. Our plans start at $25 per month and will upgrade or downgrade automatically based on the number of subscribers you have. This is just an added convenience and is great when you only send out one or two emails each month. This is a great value!

We also analyze the success of your email campaign and you will receive a concise report of our findings. This is included in our email marketing software. You will receive powerful report on the results of your marketing efforts and this will help you determine the best return on your marketing investment. After all, you do not want to spend money where it is not giving you a good return, especially in the current economy. You want to make sure every dollar you spend is working for you to bring success to your company.

We want to help your business strengthen its relationships with your customers through eye-catching email campaigns that are designed by you. You do not need some guru creating your email campaign when we offer you simple to use email marketing software. Our software suits all levels of knowledge and we are here to help you should you run into something you cannot figure out. Our staff is professional and friendly and will help guide you through the more difficult parts of our software suite.

You need to decide if you want to know where your marketing dollars are going. Are they working for you or are you just throwing money away? Do you need to hire a genius or do you feel as though you can design and create your own email templates with our email marketing software? Contact MailTrax Plus today to get started building your templates and wisely spending your marketing money.

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