Mass Email Means Mass Marketing!

Mail Trax Plus has a variety of pricing options if you need to send mass email as part of your company. Instead of having to establish and maintain the various costs of an IT department, they can act in that fashion for you and provide you all the same services, often for far, far, less money. In this vein, Mail Trax Plus acts as a wonderful solution for both small and large business owners who need a way to maintain their email marketing solutions without incurring a large cost for the various elements of an IT Department.

If you’ve never had to maintain an IT department, consider that the costs go far beyond simply getting the IT people to send a mass email for your marketing group. Consider that, in addition to salary, you need to have a physical place for the department, as well as an entire set of computer desktops or laptops for them to use. Of course, because they are “IT People”, these pieces of equipment will need to be utterly top of the line so as to provide the best benefit for you. On top of all this, you need to be able to maintain the cost of the ISP as well as the server space to house the emailing program.

Mass email often requires a large amount of server space in order to store not only the email template process but also the contact information and customer confidential data files on each and every customer. Now consider that for the small business owner, Mail Trax Plus will do this for as little as 25 dollars a month for clients with email bases smaller than 500 people. A the top end, for roughly five hundred dollars a month – less than what one would pay for a single laptop – Mail Trax Plus will manage up to fifty THOUSAND individual email clients.

A further consideration when sending mass email is the ability to reply effectively. If you have ten thousand responses to a mass send, can you imagine taking the time to reply to each one individually? As a further service, beyond even setting up the email template that goes out with your logo and branding, Mail Trax Plus can set up an auto response unit so that when people reply to your email, they get a near immediate response back from your company – a significantly positive customer service experience.

No matter what your service or product is, there is no company that cannot benefit from having an expert in the realm of online marketing and email campaigns help out. Try the free demo today, and start sending a mass email to your client base tomorrow!

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