It’s hard to run a business today without utilizing email advertising, but it can also be hard to get started and make the most of it. Get the tools to help manage your business’ email campaigns. With MailTrax Plus email marketing becomes as easy as pie!

Email advertising can be tricky. How do you create the perfect email for each campaign? MailTrax Plus gives you handy tools that make designing email templates easy. These tools offer a variety templates as well as template creation and include WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing options. You can easily tailor your email templates to suit any email campaign.
Email lists are an important part of email advertising. Email lists allow you to send emails to large groups of people with ease. You can create lists based on a number of things, like geography or interests. If you want to send an email to all subscribers in Georgia, you simply select the correct email list and send. If you want to send to all subscribers who have an interest in camping, you can create a list for that as well. With MailTrax Plus you can create as many lists as you need. With email lists you can easily implement broad or focused email campaigns.

One of the most common tools utilized in email advertising is an email blast. An email blast is an email sent to a large group of people, such as an email list. When you send an email blast, you reach a large number of subscribers in a short period of time. You might choose to target a specific group of clients, such as football fans, with a tailored email right before the Super Bowl. By utilizing an appropriately targeted email blast, you can get the most out of your email campaigns.

Email advertising can be tricky to analyze, which is one reason to use a program like MailTrax Plus. The reporting system allows you to track views, clicks, and forwards. You can also track how many emails bounce or are marked as spam, and who unsubscribes. These tools provide invaluable data to help guide you in your future campaigns. By reviewing reports you can adjust email campaigns to be highly effective and stop your low performing campaigns. No longer will you have to wonder if clients have seen your email! With MailTrax Plus’ handy online reporting, you can get details on each campaign.

Demystify email marketing! With MailTrax Plus and their useful online tools you can manage you campaigns with ease. Why stress over your marketing campaigns when you have the tools to let you simply enjoy the benefits of email advertising?

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