In a world where email marketing is one of the most effective marketing styles, an email database is a key tool for any business. It can get complicated trying to store emails, preferences, and all of the other data you keep on your clients. Then you need to use all of that data in your various email campaigns! MailTrax Plus makes email marketing easy, including the storage and use of your email lists.

There is a lot to consider when keeping an email database. MailTrax Plus makes it simple to manage your email subscribers. You can easily import the data you have and create subscription forms for your website. With MailTrax Plus you can also customize the subscribe and unsubscribe processes to better suit your business. Not only does this make it easy for your clients to join your email lists, but it makes managing your lists easy! You can easily customize the fields and track your growth! If you want to pull some of the data, it’s simple to export as well. With MailTrax Plus you can better manage your email database.

So now that you have your email database set up, you need to use it! You will want to create emails lists, for starters. An email list saves you from trying to sort and filter for the right emails and then copy and paste them all at once. You can create them based on geography, interests, length of time as a customer, and so on. Virtually anything you can track can become the basis for an email list. MailTrax Plus allows you to create as many lists as you need, so there is no need to sacrifice one list to make space for another.

With all these lists, you can easily send email blasts to your customers with deals, ads, important communication, and pretty much anything you need. MailTrax Plus can help you create professional templates that are easy to edit. Once you’re satisfied with your email, simply select an email list and send. Now you can create and implement email campaigns with ease! By using templates that can be easily customized and a variety of email lists, email marketing will be a breeze.

Don’t let the busy world of email marketing get you down! Take advantage of it and all that it has to offer! With a plethora of tools, MailTrax Plus can help you manage all your email marketing needs. With this amazing service you can easily design emails, send email blasts, and manage your email database. Call now and get the tools to help your business thrive!Email

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