Email campaigns can be daunting! It’s no wonder that so many companies use an email marketing program to help them accomplish their goals. With so much to consider, like subscriber management, email design, email blasts, and analyzing effectiveness, the world of email marketing can be tricky to navigate without some sort of help. A program, like MailTrax Plus, can help you manage and evaluate your email campaigns.

The first thing you need to do is import and manage your subscribers. With an email marketing program like MailTrax Plus, this is easy to do. Your business is unique, and with these handy tools, you can tailor the subscriber management process to meet your specific needs. You can customize the fields in your email database to include everything you need for your business. Other tools include help creating a subscribe form for your website, and tools to tailor the subscribe and unsubscribe processes.

Once your database is set up and ready to go, you can create email lists. An email list is simply a list of email addresses that can be focused around virtually anything. You could have an email list for all customers who live in California and an email list for all customers who have listed international travel as an interest. With an email marketing program like MailTrax Plus, creating email lists is easy to do. On top of that, MailTrax Plus allows you to create as many email lists as you want. These allow you to send email lists that are as broad or as focused as you choose. By using email lists to send an email blast, you can simply send, without dealing with the issues that can arise when you copy and paste a large number of emails into an email client.

With emails lists set up, it’s time to tackle the big challenge and design your emails. An email marketing program will help simplify this process. With easy to use templates to choose from, and tools to help you design your own templates, MailTrax Plus makes email design a breeze. The simple WYSIWYG editor will give you control over your email’s appearance while keeping the complexity of email design at bay.

The final, and perhaps best, reason to use an email marketing program is the reporting. Online reports are available, and you can track a number of things. By using reports you can see how many people opened email A, and how many marked email B as spam. You can also see which email clients your customers are using. These reports can help you better tailor future campaigns to be highly effective, and can help you decide which campaigns should be continued, and which need to be cut.

Don’t miss out! Start using MailTrax Plus’ email marketing program today, and enjoy the benefits of simple, effective email campaigns!

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