How can you manage all of your email campaigns with ease? The answer is by using an email marketing service. By using a service like MailTrax Plus, you can implement and review email campaigns to help you grow your business.

MailTrax Plus has several tools to help you get started. You can easily import your clients’ email addresses and tailor your database to suit your needs. You can also customize the subscribe and unsubscribe processes to fit your company. Another handy tool offered by MailTrax Plus is the ability to create an infinite number of email lists. These email lists can be based on geography, interests, birthdays or any other data you collect. Email lists can be used for broad or focused email campaigns, and are far easier than copying and pasting all of your email addresses.

An email marketing service like MailTrax Plus can also help you design emails and send email blasts. MailTrax Plus offers easy to use email templates with tools to help you create your own templates. There are also features to help you customize your emails, including a WYSIWYG editor. Once your email is designed, all you have to do is send it. Simply select your email list and hit send. By using tools like email lists and the handy email features, you can design and send email blasts with ease.

One of the biggest reasons to use an email marketing service is reports. MailTrax Plus offers feedback on a variety of things. Reports can show how many people opened your email or clicked on a link in your email. It can also track things like how many people forwarded your email, marked it as spam, or unsubscribed. You can even see what email client your subscribers are using! Reports include interactive charts and can be exported to Excel.

With the data from your email marketing service reports you can better analyze your email campaigns. From there you can redesign campaigns for greater effectiveness. Being able to compare how effective your campaigns are and in which ways can help guide you as you create future campaigns. After all, why waste your valuable time designing email campaigns that you have no way to measure, and that may or may not do anything for your business? Now you can focus on campaigns that are tried and true with your customer base.

You can’t afford to miss out on the amazing tools that MailTrax Plus offers! Use the email tools and online reporting to simplify email marketing and put your resources into better campaigns! Your business will thrive when you take advantage of this amazing email marketing service!

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