A marketing email service is almost a necessity today, but how do you pick the right one? Look no farther! MailTrax Plus knows that your business is unique, and their arsenal of tools will help you improve your return on investment while staying true to your business.

Your email database should support you in the world of email marketing. MailTrax Plus is a prime example of a marketing email service that will help you customize your email database with easy to use tools. You can import your existing data and edit the fields within your database to reflect your business’ needs. The handy subscription management tools will also help you create a subscription form for your website and customize the subscribe and unsubscribe processes. MailTrax Plus also lets you create as many email lists as you need! Create lists based on state, region, interests, or virtually anything else that you can keep data on! With the ability to create as many lists as necessary, you can create email campaigns for virtually any focus.

Another benefit to using a marketing email service is the access to email templates. With MailTrax Plus, you can easily tailor templates to suit your business. The simple to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor puts the control back in your hands. As you build your campaigns, you can create emails for specific holidays, specific regions, or anything else your campaign may focus on. With these custom emails you can send email blasts with ease. The online tools will even send your emails for you! That’s right! Design, select an email list, and send. It’s as easy as that!

Not only can you easily customize emails, but a marketing email service like MailTrax Plus also provides reports on your email campaigns. With the ability to track factors like how many people viewed an email and how many marked it as spam, you can better focus your resources. By using the reports to analyze your email campaigns you can continue successful campaigns, stop unsuccessful campaigns, and find out what makes your campaigns effective. Not only will you spend less time trying to blindly create a more effective email campaign, but you can also focus your budget on effective campaign strategies and spend less on hit or miss campaigns.

Let MailTrax Plus help your business! Why wouldn’t you want to improve your return on investment and improve your marketing at the same time? With these great tools, you can do just that while keeping everything tailored to suit your business. Enjoy the benefits of using a marketing email service, and watch your business grow.  

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